Real estate, financial markets and the economy have become extremely tumultuous in recent years. In such an environment, placing a value on real property has never been more challenging— or more difficult.

While appraisal tools have changed and the number of valuation products have grown, the principles behind property valuation remain the same. For the past 20 years, eAMC has been committed to these principles and the technologies that support them. They are the bedrock behind all we do, and every assignment we take. 

Superior, Local Experts. All orders prepared by eAMC are carried out and reviewed by highly-trained appraisers with unparalleled knowledge of their local markets. In fact, eAMC experts are so highly respected that they are frequently sought out to provide advice, commentary, assistance and training beyond their normal appraisal duties.

Outstanding Execution. eAMC delivers prompt, friendly and attentive customer service. We demand quick responses to all inquiries, timely inspections and immediate attention to issues that arise. Each assignment—no matter how small—is treated with urgency and precision.

Dependable Results. Lenders, investors and homeowners have learned to rely on eAMC thanks to the consistent delivery of solid appraisals. Our account managers are here to personally assist every client at every step of the way. No assignment ends until a customer’s needs are fulfilled.

Expertise, performance and results – the hallmarks of eAMC.